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skinny and VERY hungry.
I assume dummy got trapped inside some one else's garage or something.
lost june 20-home june 25

He spent 2 days either in my lap or eating.

Today is 6 july. BTW.

i have not written here much at all.

Nor have i written any of my own fiction, ... which isn't awesome. Me Writing is usually "happy" me.  I like telling stories.

i want to write up something long, about all that is/was happening.

so much, running as fast as I Can and staying in place.

Interesting! mental health foo; (I have recently begun to nail down the damage done to me by Fenwick. lots. is the short answer. dammit.) 

Emma, is having a bumpy age 16-17 (b-day in August) 
Crysse is stressed out from work/travel. way more travel than you would believe.
New Car! the 2017 dealer Demo model BMW with all the most expensive options - for demo purposes.. the 2018 came in. So the impossibly expensive car, with 6k miles on it needs to go ASAP.
 She is friends with a sales droid, and got it at Friend and Family price and interest 1% for the first 5 years. :-D
But it's for me to drive her to and from the air port. She may be behind the stearing wheel 2 days a month.

the house is still in need of a roof and windows and bathrooms. but X cant happen until Y, which cant until..... Who isn't around because...

We , i believe are getting a roof in August. I of course was told we were getting windows on Jun 20, so - I am out of the loop.

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