Nov. 7th, 2014


Nov. 7th, 2014 09:12 pm
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all of the stuff from the old house is out of the old house.
my car and Fen's car and Crysse's car - all still have STUFF in them.

in answer to a friends 2 questions:

Did you all survive? No bodies you need to help hide?‏

no, we did not all survive.
thankfully, I am one of the people you know who knows how and where to dispose of bodies all by themselves.
so you are not a material witness, nor an accomplice after the good for you.

Ia Ia! Cthulhu Pfatagn!

there is no safe path from any door to any other part of the house without having to step over things.

no room has a clear bed in it.

the garage is literately full as high as we can stack, from wall to wall to the door.

the back yard has a narrow path. and then plants. 76+ ceramic planters. in an 11x11 space. they are stacked on one another. there is a wire shelving unit, 4 shelves worth of planters. the sofa has enough space for 1/2 an ass. 2 chairs, including chrysses work chair are usable. Every other horizontal surface is 3 or more feet tall in ... stuff.

the floors are waist high with narrow walkways, and occasionally we have to step over things in the pathways.

emma bed is against the wall.
my/crysses bed is 1/2 covered in clothes. the floor of our room is covered in ... clothes, pillows, ...
Fen's bed is covered in boxes/books. there is a narrow strip for him to sleep on.

this is madness
this is blasphemy
this is SPARTAAAAAA!!!!!!



if people want to stop by and offer sanity points we can drain from you
or offer to help "Hold this while I go move THAT, There, So I can make room for THIS"
(we don't have room to get to our stuff, because our stuff is in the way of moving our stuff so we can make room for our stuff.)
Honestly. we have blocked off the driveway of 2 of our neighbors garages so we could empty/move shit around.
And we are going to continue to do this. We have donated to 3 different charities, taken 3 pick up truck loads to the dump. We have dumped things at a dumpster (I will not say which one, as it is technically a minor crime).
 Did you know that we managed to fill a 17x8 foot truck with plants in planters? And with 5 people moving them, it took 2 hours to move them 1, ONE mile. loading and then unloading/stacking/making room.
(starts singing)
"Everything is AWESOME!
EVERYTHING IS GREAT When you're living the dream!"

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