May. 11th, 2017


May. 11th, 2017 01:16 pm
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LOTS going on. None of it "good". ok, Except the fact that I seem to be single handedly
1) keeping Emma from flunking 3 classes
2) keeping Crysse from killing anyone
3) Keeping steve from killing him self, Emma, Crysse,
4) Keeping Connor, Emma's 18 yr old Ex-BF from killing himself or Emma*

*no hyperbole, he has threatened suicide several times, Emma's therapist is afraid he is going to go =seriously= go Kill emma then himself.

It also seems that He may not choose to post nude photos of a 15 year old emma on his instagram. Which is good. Because the FBI would have to have a serious talk with him.

Connor has messed up Emma so bad she is flunking 3 classes; which set off steve, who set of Crysse!

See! Simple.

I really don't know how much longer I can regrow my daily amount of spoons.

I'd ask for help; bu tI don't know what COULD help.
Connor is going to Florida, at least for the summer at the end of school.
Emma seems to be making up her missed homework, even though she seems to still have a small problem with not lying to everyone about almost everything.
Steve has contacted Dana Iscoff, the "Special Master" appointed by the court, from the divorce, 13 years ago. whom has a 1 star rating on YELP and whom both Steve and Crysse agreed 5 years ago was a terrible person.
Da Fuck?
Because Emma is lying so much to steve, and he fears that Crysse is taking Emma's side. And feels he has no one on his side.
Mostly because he has not friends, because he is actually a horrible person.
And is not coping with the fact that his daughter is no longer 100% obedient when he yells. This may be because she is 16, maybe.
Maybe she just realized steve is an alcoholic rage-aholic narcissistic dick.
So at least Fenwick taught Emma how to recognize an Alcoholic and Narcissism ,So that's a plus.

Me? How am I Doing? I don't have the spoons left over to self analyze, if I did, I might be 1 spoon short of what I need to keep everyone else from going to jail or the morgue.
Like, really actually suicide, or homicide. - no hyperbole.

So that's nice. What's Trump up to?

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