May. 19th, 2017


May. 19th, 2017 08:59 pm
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the good
1) Connor seems to have fucked off.
2) Emma seems to have pulled a 180, and is pumping out homework/old documents and school work with alacrity
3) I got a new computer! ok, it's new to me, a Dell laptop, that has the guts to run Fallout: New Vegas; which is all I Care about.
4) I have fallout new vegas installed, and I have 51 mods installed and balanced (LOOT - is a software that suggests load order and shows errors and the like; so I have the game the way i want it
5) It seems crysse's work place has gotten the idea, her boss has yelled enough, finally. See, a "normal CRA" monitors 14 sites at max. 12 normally.
She has 18. So one and a half times a normal work load, Don't forget "monitoring a site" means "flying to and spending 2 work days there, at a time" so that means...
Sunday night fly to Dallas, Tuesday night fly to Houston, Thursday night fly home, And then spend friday-> sunday writing reports on what she did/saw, and sending emails telling which sites she will be visiting next week, and doing laundry and reloading her suitcase. ...

Her boss took 2 sites away and got her some assistance, IE: people who are going to visit sites with her, and help her write reports.
so she is only out of town =2= days a week instead of 4!

6) So my stress level has decreased AND I can game. I HAVE STRESS RELIEF! weeee!

I am still being Emma's Homework Proctor for 2-3 hours a night 5-6 nights a week. So that's.... "fun".

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