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"YES: as in FEY"
oh: and as far as Merry Gentry goes: I got the nick name unseelie in 1991.
Thanks for asking.
that said....

Born on the anniversary of Aliester Crowley's Birthday,
he is a mixed breed of Portugese and Welsh, perhaps Pictish ancestry.

He was born just after man reached the moon, fulfilling a prophecy not until then understood.

Plagued by ill health, forced to seek solace in arcane tomes and dusty manuscripts filled with dread from a young age, the man's mind was bent by the tortures of his mad family and the vicissitudes of New England weather.

Inhumanly pale,
cursed by sensitivities to remain hidden away from the sun,
his pallor startles, with weird and constantly changing marks and patterns on his skin,
taking after his REAL father in that way,
he was told.

in violation of his families wishes, and the beliefs of his odd motley of friends, married a woman,
a self proclaimed 'poetess',
whom he met in an ill-lit and disrespected club outside the limits of Boston Proper.

They lived,
for a time,
in a small gabled apartment in the less respectable parts of one of the less quaint of Boston’s suburbs,
until her madness and the weather became too much to bear.

They transplanted to San Francisco from Boston in the first April of the new century.

The fog-enshrouded city suited them.


But their madness and passions drove them apart within a year.

he takes classes to seek arcane knowledge of things better left unexplored
and seeks solace in drink
and in performing atrocities with those like deviants he finds in the darkest corners of this degenerate city...

*tips hat to Lovecraft*
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